Import Email Subscribers to your Status page

Statuspal lets you import existing email subscriber from a CSV file, the only requirement is for you to have a one of the email integrations (Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mailchimp or SMTP) configured.

Import your Email Subscribers

Once you have your integration configured importing your email subscribers should be very easy, head out to the Subscribers page (Status page Dashboard > Subscribers), and click on Import email subscribers.

A new modal should pop up prompting you to select a CSV file, the format of the CSV file should be once column with the email addresses, no need for a header column.

Choose your CSV file and click on Import, once its finished it should show you a success message and the list of subscribers populated with you newly imported subscribers! they should be labeled as "Imported" so you can know which ones are manually imported, this emails will only be notified as long as you have a Mailgun integration configured.

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