[Deprecated] Transfer Ownership of your Status Page

[Deprecated] Transferring ownership is not necessary anymore since the introduction of organizations, as there can be multiple owners in an organization.

Transferring the ownership of your status page means the following:

  • Another team member will obtain the full ownership, you will become an Admin user.
  • Billing will be transferred to the new owner, a new billing cycle will start in that moment.
  • The previous owner will receive credit on their account for the prorated remaining of the original billing cycle, this credit will be used on any future charges, for a refund of this credit please write us to contact@statuspal.io.

In order to transfer ownership click on Team on the sidebar, then click on Edit on the user you'd like to make the new owner (they need to be Admin).

Click on "Transfer ownership":

After you start the transfer process an email should be sent to the future owner with information on how to accept the transfer request, before they accept it you can cancel (in this same screen) it if you so choose.

Accepting a transfer request for the future owner should be as simple as clicking on a link in the email they'll receive and then clicking on "Accept ownership", however they'll be required to have billing configured.

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