Configure Date time Formatting for your Status Page

Statuspal allows you to customize how the dates displayed in your status page should be formatted, in order to configure your date format click on "Status Page" in the side bar of the Admin site.

Currently you can configure the time formatting (24-hours, AM/PM) which applies to all instances in your status page, and the short date string which applies to places like the maintenances and incidents list.

Date Directive format

A directive is marked by the percent sign ( %) followed by one character (<directive>). In addition, a few optional specifiers can be inserted in-between:


Supported flags:

  • - - don't pad numerical results (overrides default padding if any)
  • 0 - use zeros for padding
  • _ - use spaces for padding
  • ::: - used only in combination with %z; see description of %:z and %::z below

<width> is a non-negative decimal number specifying the minimum field width.

<modifier> can be E or O. These are locale-sensitive modifiers, and as such they are currently ignored by this implementation.

 List of all directives

  • %% - produces a single % in the output

 Years and centuries

  • %Y - full year number (0..9999)
  • %y - the last two digits of the year number (0..99)
  • %C - century number (00..99)
  • %G - year number corresponding to the date's ISO week (0..9999)
  • %g - year number (2 digits) corresponding to the date's ISO week (0..99)


  • %m - month number (1..12)
  • %b - abbreviated month name (Jan..Dec, no padding)
  • %h - same is %b
  • %B - full month name (January..December, no padding)

 Days, and days of week

  • %d - day number (1..31)
  • %e - same as %d, but padded with spaces ( 1..31)
  • %j - ordinal day of the year (001..366)
  • %u - weekday, Monday first (1..7)
  • %w - weekday, Sunday first (0..6)
  • %a - abbreviated weekday name (Mon..Sun, no padding)
  • %A - full weekday name (Monday..Sunday, no padding)

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