Email Templates Customization

Statuspal allows you to fully customize the look of your subscriber emails (confirmation and status notifications), you'll find this settings under Sidebar > Subscriptions > Sub. Settings:

The Layout Template

First you'll need to configure a layout template, basically the parent template that will render the content template under {{ content }}, this way you can reuse some HTML and styles across the content templates, see an example here.

The Content Templates

Then you can configure the template for both types of emails, you can see examples of both containing the supported variables here.


We use Premailer on the email templates before sending the emails, so CSS styles are converted to inline style attributes and other niceties.

Test and Enable

Once you've configured the templates (and clicked on Submit) you can send a test email before you enable the templates, if they look good you can enable them so they are used on all future emails.

Customizing your Templates to Include your Company Logo

Including your company logo is easy with the fields described above, after adding your company logo this is how the emails will look:

Simply use the HTML content found in this Gist file and replace the logo image (<img ... class="logo"/>) with your logo image.

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