Use Better Uptime to automate your status page incident reporting

Statuspal supports using BetterUptime as a 3rd party monitoring service, automating incident creation and resolution.


 Once you enable 3rd party monitoring in a service copy the inbound email address of the service and head to your BetterUptime dashboard, click on "Teams and members" then click on Invite colleagues.

Paste the inbound email address from the service and click on Invite. You should receive an invitation email from BetterUptime (forwarded by us), click on Accept the invitation (make sure to do it from an Incognito/private browser window).

A new form from BetterUptime will appear, under Your name enter Statuspal and then the name of your service, then click on I don't want to receive a test alert right now.

If you go back to your BetterUptime dashboard in the Teams and members tab you should see your Statuspal service enabled as a team member, ready to receive notifications.

Make sure to configure your new team member to receive notifications from the desired BetterUptime checks.