Migrate your status page from US to EU

It's now possible to migrate an existing status page from the US region (statuspal.io) to the EU region (statuspal.eu), this is not a destructive action, it will not delete your existing status page.

It will instead allow you to migrate the attributes, services and subscriptions of one status page over to a new one in statuspal.eu. Once you verify and are happy with the new status page you can manually delete the original status page, and keep only the new one in statuspal.eu.

This migration tool will NOT migrate over:

  • Subscription information (you'll have to pick from our current pricing plans)
  • Incidents history
  • Team members
  • Integrations.

For the moment you'd have to re-configure those manually.

Steps to migrate your status page

1) Configure an account in Statuspal.eu

In order to migrate your status page from US to our new EU region you'll first need an account in our EU region, head over to https://statuspal.eu/admin and sign up if you don't have an account yet.

Now grab your API key from https://statuspal.eu/admin/profile, save it for the next step.

2) Migrate your Statuspal.io status page

  1. Head over to https://statuspal.io/admin and click on the status page you'd like to migrate.
  2. Click on Status page on the sidebar, scroll down to the bottom, click to expand the DANGER section and click on Migrate
  3. Enter the API key you saved from Statuspal.eu, and select the organization to which you'd like the migrated status page to be created, then click on Migrate.

    You should receive an email in a minute or two with a confirmation on the completed migration, and link to your new status page's dashboard.