Statuspal API V2 Changes

Statuspal API V2 is now out of Beta, and so we won't be introducing more breaking changes to it going foreword.

You can find its documentation here:

Changes Introduced in API V2

Our API V2 greatly improves upon our previous API version, it makes endpoints more intuitive and uniform, as well removing some inconsistencies.

1. All dates are formatted in ISO 8601 standard

It was brought to our attention that dates were displayed in different formats across our API V1, this is now fixed in API V2, all dates now follow the ISO 8601 standard ( 2022-01-01T00:00:00).

2. New /summary endpoint replaces /status

An new API endpoint /summary has been introduced, which replaces the /status endpoint present in API V1.

The new /summary endpoint is similar to the old /status endpoint, however it improves on a few places:

  • It includes a new field: "upcoming_maintenances", which list upcoming maintenances according to the status page setting "Display scheduled maintenance", similar to what you will see in your status page.
  • "maintenances" field display all active maintenances, no future ones.

3. New /status endpoint

The new /status endpoint is a simplified version of /summary, containing only the status and some basic information of the status page or service. Use this endpoint when you only need the status and not the full picture of what's going on (incidents, services).

4. Incident updates available in all instances of the incident object

Be it in the /summary or /incidents endpoints, the incident updates list are now always available, no need to call GET /incidents/:id in order to get them anymore.

5. Incident incident_activies field renamed to updates

In order to simplify the endpoints and to keep consistency with how naming of incident updates from the legacy name of "activities", we've renamed all instances of "activities" to "updates".

Places where this has been renamed are:

  • Incident object across the API
  • POST api/v2/status_pages/:subdomain/incidents/:id/updates endpoint path

6. Incident update activity_type_id renamed to type, now a is a string

Before, the incident update type was defined by the activity_type_id field, this has been renamed to type, and is not an integer anymore, instead it's a string clearly stating the type of update (“issue”, “update”, etc).

This makes creating and reading incident updates much easier from our API.