Configure Status Page Metrics from a New Relic Synthetic Monitor

Statuspal allows you to import metrics from your New Relic Synthetic Monitor with ease, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Head over to your New Relic API keys page:
  2. Create a new API key of type User

  3. Copy your account ID and API key, you'll need them for the next step.
  4. Head over to your Statuspal admin site, and on your status page Dashboard click on Integrations.
  5. Click on New Integration and select New Relic from the Service drop-down.

    New relic <> Statuspal status page integration

  6. Enter your account ID and API key from the step 3 and make sure to select the correct region, click on Create.
  7. Then click on Metrics > New metrics and select your New Relic integration in the Source drop-down.
  8. Select the synthetic monitor that you would like to create the metric from and configure your metric (for browser tests only Uptime type is supported) then click Create.

    New relic <> Statuspal status page metric imported
  9. Once you've created the metric it should start populating with the last hour, it will continue to get populated in the next hours after that.

You don't have a Status Page yet? go ahead and create one in seconds at