Configure SSO for your status page with Keycloak

Whenever user is reaching out with the query of blocking due to unsupported Name ID format from their key cloak, walk them through with the instructions that are given below with screenshots also:

How It Works

1. Login to the Key cloak portal and select the option " Clients" followed by the "Create" tab:

2. There are two options to move further, you can upload the Metadata file (XML) by clicking on the "Add File" option besides "Import" heading and secondly enter the client ID:

3. Set Sign assertions to ON, and Encrypt assertions and Client Signature Required to OFF.

4. Scrolling down on the same screen, Turn the "Force Name ID Format" to ON and select the "email" option from the drop-down menu of "Name ID Format" as marked below in red boxes:

5. Scroll back up and you will locate the option of "Realm Settings" on the Menu bar at the left-side of the page:

6. Select the option named " SAML 2.0 Identity Provider Metadata" as marked in the red box given below:

7. Download its contents and paste them onto your SSO setting IDP metadata text field.

Click Update and the you should be able to successfully Test the SAML configuration.

⚠️ Make sure if you're testing with the admin Keycloak user, that you have set an email for it, otherwise you'll get an error when testing your SAML configuration.