Auto Maintenance Notifications for your Status Page

Thanks to auto maintenance notifications, your subscribers can be automatically notified when a maintenance is about to start and when it starts and ends.

To send out auto maintenance notifications, follow these two simple steps:

1) Enable in subscription settings

To enable this feature, head to your status page,  Subscriptions tab, and click on Sub. Settings.

Auto maintenance notifications setting - Statuspal status pageThere, you can also customize when should the "before maintenance starts" notification be sent. By default, it's seven days, but you can select more or fewer days. Note that if the maintenance, when scheduled in Statuspal, has fewer days before its start than this setting, no "before maintenance starts" notification will be sent.

2) Enable when creating your maintenance

Once this feature is enabled in subscription settings, you can start sending out auto maintenance notifications with just one click.

When creating (or updating) a maintenance, check the "Notify subscribers" checkbox; it should look like this:

Send auto maintenance notifications to your status page subscribers

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