Publish Custom Metrics to your Status Page

With your hosted status page you have the possibility to publish custom metrics and display them as nice charts to your customers, this metrics can represent anything in your system, and are represented as line charts that look like this:

In this tutorial we well guide through how to configure a new custom metric in your status page and how to push data entries through our developer friendly API.

Create a New Custom Metric

In your status page's dashboard click on "Metrics", and the on "New Metric", then select "Custom Metric" from the Source select box.

Enter a descriptive Title (that will be displayed at the top of the chart) and a Unit (that will be displayed next to the entry values and the average), check Enabled and Visible and click Submit.

Once your new custom metric has been created you should see some instructions below on how to publish data entries to it:

You basically push to fields in each entry, the time (UNIX timestamp) and the value (decimal value), you should be able to see the entry points as you push them, try with the CURL command above to test the custom metric.

You don't have a Status Page yet? go ahead and create one in seconds at