Configure Recurring Maintenances for your Status Page

Sometimes you have scheduled maintenance on a recurring basis, like every Monday every two weeks, or every first of the month, in this cases you don't want to manually configure the same scheduled maintenance every time, to solve this problem we provide a feature called "Recurring Maintenance Tasks", which allows you to configure a recurring task that will automatically duplicate a scheduled maintenance.

To access this feature head to the dashboard panel and click on "Recurring Maintenance", then click on "New Recurring Task" and then a menu like this will be displayed:

The fields work as follow:

  • Maintenance base: Select a maintenance task that you have created previously and want to have it automatically duplicated every so often.
  • Interval: You can configure it to reoccur either weekly or monthly.
  • Every: Enter every how many weeks or month it should reoccur (e.g. every 2 weeks, every 1 month).
  • On: If weekly, on which days of the week should it occur, if monthly on which days of the month. You can select more than one option.

The recurring maintenances that will be automatically created will take the same starting and end time from the "maintenance base".

Once you save the task you will be a notice and a block with a list of the next calculated occurrences:

If the calculated occurrences look as expected you can now check the "Enabled" checkbox and click Save one more time in order to activate the recurring task, from that point on it should automatically duplicate the original maintenance on the configured schedule, the automatically created maintenances will behave and look as normal, but will have a icon explaining that they were created by the recurring task when displayed in the dashboard.

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