Status Page Settings (Private Page, Custom Head code)

In order to configure your status page click on the "Status page" menu in your admin panel, there you can customize things like the restricted IPs and custom Head code as well as others:

  • Name: The name of your company or service, will be displayed in the header of your status page.
  • URL: URL of your company's website, we'll add a link to it in the footer.
  • Support email: Email address that will be displayed in your status page fo your customers to contact your support team.
  • Twitter handle: If present it will be displayed in the subscribe modal as well as in the footer of your status page.
  • Enable Slack subscriptions: Will let your customer subscribe to receive real time Slack notifications on a channel of their choice, learn more at Notify your Customer via Slack.
  • Enable Email subscriptions: You can choose wether to have subscribers functionality or not, if enabled we'll let your customers subscriber to receive email alerts when incidents and maintenances get reported/updated.
  • Notification Email: The email address we'll use in the "from" field in emails to your subscribers.
  • Enable custom domain: Lets you configure a custom domain for your status page, learn more.
  • Subdomain: The name to use for your subdomain "", if you want to configure a custom domain you can check the "Enable custom domain" above and follow this guide.
  • Time zone: The timezone in which you want to report your incidents/maintenances to you customers.
  • Restricted IPs: If you want your status page to be private within your network only here you can enter the IP of your network and it will only be accessible from within your network.
  • Head code: Enter any code you'd like to include within the <head> tag of your status page, useful for custom CSS styles or custom Javascript code.
  • Remove the "Powered by" watermark: Remove the watermark if you'd rather go full white label.

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