Support Multiple Languages in Your Status Page

Statuspal allows you to support multiple languages out of the box, easily and with no external services.

In order to enable this, head to the "Supported Languages" page under the "More" menu in your dashboard.

By default no languages are in the list, and English is the default supported language, you have a form below the table for you to add new languages, let's say you want to support Spanish, Danish and English, you'd have to add the three of them though the form below, choosing one as default, in our case Spanish.

When you add a language for which we don't have a translation for, it will fallback to English, we're working to add translations for as many languages as we can, but meanwhile you can easily create a translation yourself when adding a language, it's a very small YAML file which you can download right there in the form, modify and attach in your language.

After you have configured your languages you should be able to publish incidents in this languages, and your users will see the status page in the language which they have configured in their computers.

You will see tabs with your sported languages in the translatable fields (title and update description. If you think we should enable translation in more fields let us know at

Your customers will also see a dropdown with a list with your supported languages in the footer of your status page so they can change its language easily:

Subscriber email notifications at the moment are only sent in the default language (either english or whatever you configure) but we're working to add support to translate them too.

You don't have a Status Page yet? go ahead and create one in seconds at