Customize your Status Page's Design

In order to customize your status page click on Status page > Design from the sidebar of your admin's site.

Here you can highly customize your status page, you can start with:

  • Header logo text: A short text to be displayed in the header next to the logo, something like "Yourcompany's Status" should do.
  • Public company name: The company's name your clients will be able to see.
  • Logo: An image to display as your logo in the header.
  • Favicon: An image to use as the browser's favicon (displayed in the tab's tiny icon).
  • Header background: An image to use as the background of your header, specially good fit for the big-logo theme.
  • Display about information: When checked it will display information describing what your status page is for, you can customize it by configuring a language.
  • Display uptime graph: Choose wether you'd like us to generate and display a graph that showcases how many incidents you've had in the last 60 days, looks like this:
  • Theme: There are currently 2 main options, the new design's theme and an option with a larger logo (big logo) and also features a larger header area.

Theme base colors

  • Links color: The foreground color that for the links in your status page.
  • Header background color 1: The first color that will be used as header background, if a color 2 is present then they will both be used as a horizontal gradient.
  • Header background color 2: The second color for the background gradient.
  • Header foreground color: The foreground color for the header.
  • Incident page header color: The color that will be used in the incident page's header.

System status colors

This colors are used to represent the different possible statuses of the status page, they are used in the header's status indicator:

As well as in the incidents and service's status color indicators.

  • No incidents color: When there is no ongoing incident in the status page, this color is used in the header status indicator:
  • Minor incident color: When there is an ongoing incident of type "Minor" this color will be used.
  • Major incident color: When there is an ongoing incident of type "Major" this color will be used.
  • Scheduled maintenance color: When there is an ongoing scheduled maintenance this color will be used.

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