Add Team Members to your Status Page

You are encouraged to invite all your team members to collaborate with you in the administration of your status page, this is really simple, in your status page's admin site, click on Members in the sidebar:

Here you can easily invite a new member by clicking in "Invite new member", enter the email and role you'd like this person to have, there are three possible roles that you can add:

  • Admin: Can fully manage the status page, but can't delete it.
  • Editor: Can create and update incidents and maintenance.
  • Viewer: Can only view and subscribe to the status page, used for private status pages.

Accepting an Invite

When you invite a user to be part of your status page's team they should explicitly accept the invite before they become part of your team.

It does not matter if the person already has a user in Statuspal or not, they can create it after or before you invite them, the steps to accept the invite are the same:

  1. Login to their account with the email with whom you invited them.
  2. Click in the Accept invite button (they should see it at the top of the page as soon as they login).

Once they have accepted the invite they immediately become part of your status page's team, they'll be able to access its dashboard, and take actions based on the role with whom you invited them.

Edit an Invite/Team Member

After inviting a user you are free to cancel the invite before they accept it, in which case they won't be able anymore to accept it, you can also delete their membership or edit the role they have in the status page, simply use the action buttons in the right column Cancel invite, Delete, Edit.

Organization Level Members

Statuspal also supports organization level memberships, that means team members you invite to an organization will have access to all the status pages within that organization.

In order to manage an organization's members simply got to your Admin site then click on the Gear icon of the organization and click on Members.

From here you can invite and manage members just as explained above, only difference is there is a new role Owner, which means a member has full access to manage an organization and its status pages.

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