Integrate your Status Page in Intercom Messenger

With our Intercom Messenger App you can easily display your reported status within your Intercom live-chat widget, letting your customers know about incidents and maintenance before they write you asking about it.

1. Install our Intercom App from the Intercom Store

Open our Intercom app in the Intercom App Store, and click on Install now (Nothing will appear in your messenger until step 4).

2. Authorize Statuspal to your Intercom workspace

You'll now be asked to authorize Statuspal to your Intercom workspace, you'll be required to sign in both to Intercom and to Statuspal in this step. Once authorized you'll be taken back to the app store.

3. Add the Statuspal app to your Intercom messenger

Once you have authorized our app you should be able to add it to your messenger, following these simple steps.

  1. In your Intercom dashboard, click on the Messenger icon from the sidebar (bottom left)
  2. Click to expand the section "Add apps to your Messenger"
  3. Click on "Add an app" and select Statuspal
  4. You'll see a drop-down list from which you can select the status page you want to display your status.

4. Save and set live

Once you're happy with your configuration click on "Save and set live" and your status will start displaying in your Intercom messenger.

You don't have a Status Page yet? go ahead and create one in seconds at