Configure SSO for your status page

Statuspal allows you to manage your organization’s membership via centralized, company-controlled single sign-on or “SSO” with SAML.

This enables your team members and customers (subscribers) to access your status pages in Statuspal without having to configure and use Statuspal user/password.

Configure SSO

The first step to enable your team members to access Statuspal via SSO is to configure it, the first step for this is for you to go to your organization's Security page and enable SSO:

You should now see some fields that you can use to setup an application in your identity provider, we have successfully tested the following IDPs, for which we have separate guides with instructions:

But you should be able to configure any IDP that supports SSO via SAML, if you encounter any issues feel free to contact us.

Once you have successfully configured SSO following one of the above guides (or on your own) you and your team members should be able to sign in through SSO.

Adding new team members via SSO

Once you have successfully configured SSO you should be able to add new team members directly via your IDP, if there is no existing user with the given email then a new user will be automatically created as members of your organization in Statuspal with the "viewer" role by default, you can then change their role or move them down to status page members for more granularity.

If the user you want to add to your organization already has a user in Statuspal you'll have to manually invite them and they will have to accept, before they can sign in through SSO, this due to security reasons.

Enabling SSO in your status page

Once you have successfully configured SSO you should be able to add your customers/subscribers directly via your IDP. You need to use the private page settings to disable publicly accessible status page and only make it visible for users logged in via SSO. In order to configure your status page click on the "Status page" menu in your admin panel, there you can access the privacy settings for your page as shown in below screenshot:

If you have any questions or feedback please write us at [email protected]

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