Audience Specific Status Page with Access Groups

With Statuspal you can configure a status page to have services be audience-specific, meaning some services can be accessible to some users and some to other ones.

This can be done thanks to Access Groups, an advanced feature that let's you group members on groups that define what services they can access (view and subscribe to).


Currently this feature works only for private status pages, so the first step is to make sure your status page is configured as such.

Click on "Status page" from the sidebar, then scroll down to the "Privacy" section, then make sure to check the "Restrict access to members" field, then click on Update.

Now click on Members in the sidebar, and you should see a new tab "Access Groups", click on it.

Now click on New access group, enter a descriptive name, select the services you'd like to make available to this group, and the members that should be part of it.

In the above example we're creating an access group "EU users" that would give the member "[email protected]" access to the API service, so she won't have visibility of the Web service.

You can have multiple access groups in order to make sure each members has access only to the relevant components.

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