Configure Real-Time Notifications for your Status Page

 Statuspal has a powerful real-time notification system, which enables your subscribers to receive notifications via multiple channels (Email, Slack, SMS, Discord, MS Team), what's more impressive, they can subscribe to multiple channels within the same subscription.

You can decide which of this channels are enabled in your status page, in order to enable/disable them simply click on Subscriptions from the sidebar, then click on the Sub. Settings tab.

In this page you will also find options to customize you email template, should you decide to enable email notifications, for more information on how to personalize your email templates follow this guide: Email Templates Customization.

See it in Action

Once you have enabled the notification channels that suit your needs you'll want to see the notifications in action, to that aim follow this simple steps:

  1. Click on the Status page top right button to open your status page.
  2. Click on Subscribe to updates top right button.
  3. Subscribe in the modal that pops up (e.g. enter your email address for email subscription).
  4. If you subscribe via email you'll receive an email with a Confirm link, make sure to click on it to enable the subscription.
  5. You are now subscribed.

Once you're subscribed you can see the notifications in action by creating or updating an incident, just make sure to check the relevant Notify subscribers checkbox.

Manage your Subscriptions

You can see and fully manage your subscriptions from your status page's admin panel, simply click on Subscriptions from the sidebar.

From this page you will be able to edit, delete and import subscription, additionally you'll be able to send test emails to simulate email notifications.

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