Getting Started With 3rd Party Monitored Services

3rd Party monitoring allows you to connect your 3rd party monitor checks (like Pingdom, StatusCake, UptimeRobot, etc) to your services in Statuspal, so that we can automatically create incidents whenever the checks fails (your services goes down).

How it Works

When we receive an email in the service's unique address we look for the keyword " down", if found we create an incident reporting the service seems to be down, if we find the keyword "up" we'll close the incident. If you need us to consider a special case (different keywords) contact us.

Configure It

To enable 3rd party monitoring on a service, go to your status page Dashboard, then click on Edit on the service you want to enable it for (or click on New service if you want to enable it for a new one)

  1. Go to your status page's Dashboard
  2. Click on Edit on the service you want to enable it for (or click on New service if you want to enable it for a new one)
  3. Under the Monitoring section select 3rd Party, and click on Update
  4. You should now see the service's inbound email address (service-<UUID>, copy this as you'll need it in the next step.

You can check the Notify subscribers field to automatically notify your subscribers when an incident gets open/closed through the 3rd party monitoring integration.

Configure your 3rd Party Monitoring Tool

Now that you have the inbound email address of your service you can configure it in your 3rd party monitor tool as an alert contact, any monitoring tool that allows to add email alert contacts should work, here are instructions to some of the most commonly used ones:

Monitored Service vs 3rd Party Monitored

Statuspal already provides monitoring, but if you prefer to keep using your 3rd party monitoring tools like Pingdom, StatusCake or UptimeRobot we allow you to integrate it with your status page, on one side through 3rd party metrics and on the other though 3rd party monitored services, so you can display your external metrics as well as to automate incidents creation.

For a given service you can configure either our monitoring or a 3rd party monitoring tool, it is not possible to combine them on the same service as they could conflict with each other.

If you have doubts/problems configuring your 3rd party monitoring tool don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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